Packaging and Deploying the McAfee EPO Agent with Casper Suite

Organizations using McAfee tools, specifically ePO, in their environment may run into trouble or questions deploying the agent that communicates with the ePO server. I have written up a process for packaging and deploying the agent with Casper Suite. This process could be easily modified for other deployment systems or packaging tools (such as Whitebox Packages).

1.) Copy the file from the ePO server repository. For ePO 4 this is located at C:\Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\DB\Software\Current\EPOAGENT3700MACX\Install\0409

2.) Copy the file to a temporary location. I placed it in /tmp/mAgent_install.

3.) Open composer and drag the file (currently at /tmp/mAgent_install) into the Composer sidebar.


4.) Lets go ahead and rename that package from to something more descriptive like McAfee Agent


5.) So now you have a package named Mcafee Agent that will copy to /tmp/mAgent_install.


6.) We need to trigger that script to install the agent. Lets go ahead and add a postinstall script to the package.


7.) The postinstall script is an easy one-liner based off the installation flags -i for install  or -u for upgrade.

## postinstall

# Install McAfee Agent 4.0 w/patch 3
/tmp/mAgent_install/ -i

exit 0 ## Success

exit 1 ## Failure


8.) With the file and postinstall script in place you can now generate a .pkg.


9.) Congratulations, you have a package that will install your environment specific ePO agent for OS X. You can drop this into Casper Suite the same way you would any other package. Once the agent is in place you can use ePO or standalone packages to deploy other McAfee software such as Endpoint Protection for Mac.


Packaging and Deploying the McAfee EPO Agent with Casper Suite

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